Ww save on CO2 and needless kilometers

Vectra Logistic management
As a transportation operator we have to be aware of our responsibility regarding the environment. We know that there are no flowers growing out of our trucks. Therefore we do anything we can in order to save the nature: we use sensible alternative energy sources, we use the most environmentally friendly vehicles and support innovative concepts.


Preventively driving - Vectra Logistic

In order to keep the fuel consumption, and thereby the CO2 emissions at a minimum, we offer our drivers regularely courses for ecological driving styles. This way we could reduce permanently the fuel consumption of our fleet.


We use alternative fuels - Vectra Logistic

Responsible for the environment for several years now we push for the use of alternative fuels. Where is it possible we use vegetable oil, BTL technologies (biomass to liquid), GPL, and biodisel.


Avoidance of hazardous substances- Vectra Logistic

We do not stop here: to minimize dangerous substances throughout our operations area, we constantly control our internal processes, activities and decisions.

Our fleet consists of more than 60 vehicles and is permanently being renewed, in order to fulfill the most modern economic standards. The large variation of different vehicles enables us to respond more individually to customer wishes and to develop special transport solutions.

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