Storage space, as far as you can see

Flexibility and efficiency are important to us.

We have our own warehouse logistics space located in Ghimbav, Braşov with a 8500m2 storage space and a volume of 1,200 pallets / day.

The warehouse is built to European standards and is equipped with loading ramps. For our clients we also provide services like:

  • Sorting, decantation and goods consolidation

  • Complete services for stock management, delivery, and freight reception

  • Cargo tracking using customer system or our own system

  • Storage configurations

  • Preparing packaging for production lines: 250 pallets / day

Direct questions:

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Storage area

P +40 268 440284 / 440286
M +40 722 357735
F +40 268 440285
Cargo storage area - Vectra Logistic
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(0040) 268 440284 / 440286

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